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Refund Policy


“A customer-centered approach for your peace of mind”

Section I Introduction – MexicanIncorporation.com is determined to provide the highest levels of quality and service. We are quite confident you will be satisfied. However, we hope our money back guarantee can provide you the peace of mind to do business with us.

By purchasing a service provided by MexicanIncorporation.com, you enter into a binding agreement between MexicanIncorporation.com and its affiliates for the refund of amounts paid for such service. The refund may include costs of government fees and our company fees, as applicable, depending on the service you have specifically requested from us.

Requests for refunds must be made within 45 days of placing your order. Requests must be made in writing by emailing Director@BicentennialGroup.com and stating in detail the basis for your refund request. Requests may also be made via conventional mail by writing to our offices located in the United States in Laredo, Texas or in Mexico in the city of Ajijic, Jalisco. You may find the respective addresses for our offices on our contact page.

MexicanIncorporation.com maintains a customer-centered refund policy. All evaluations for refunds are performed objectively with inferences from questions of fact being made in favor of the customer requesting the refund. Refunds will be granted for the reasons set forth in Sections II.A, II.B and II.C of this Refund Policy Agreement.

Section II. A Refunds Involving the Establishment of a Corporate Entity– If, through fault of MexicanIncorporation.com or its affiliates, your corporate entity is not established, you may request a refund for your entire payment including government fees and our fees – Mexican Incorporation and its affiliates absorb the entire cost. A fault of MexicanIncorporation.com or its affiliates includes a failure by the latter to properly execute the registrations and/or applications before the relevant governmental agencies necessary for operation of your company as a going concern. The customer is generally, however, responsible for obtaining all necessary business licenses, permissions and authorizations if the company will operate within a regulated industry, unless otherwise contracted with us.

Section II.B Refunds Involving Licenses, Permissions and Specific Registration Requests – If, through fault of MexicanIncorporation.com or its affiliates, we fail to obtain any specific operational licenses, permissions or registrations you have specifically requested that we obtain, MexicanIncorporation and its affiliates will refund the cost of government fees and our fees, associated with obtaining the individual license, permission or registration. The refund will not include any amounts associated with successfully completed services for operational licenses, permissions, registrations or formation of the corporate entity.

Section II.B Refunds Involving Professional Services for Business Maintenance or Modification of Previously Established Corporate Entity – MexicanIncorporation.com offers specific legal and accounting services required for the continued maintenance of your company as going concern. Refunds will not be rendered after the service has been completed. In some cases, refunds for professional services may be offered in proportion to the services already rendered, but in most cases are rendered in full whenever possible

Section III Exceptions – The formation and establishment of a business and corporate entity in Mexico is complicated. If for some reason your attempt to establish a corporate entity, apply for a specific license, permission, or registration as referenced in sections II.A and II.B. of the present document fails for any legitimate reason by law, regulation or policy of the Mexican authorities, a refund will not be provided. Similarly, if the rendering of professional services as referenced in section II.C. of the present document is not satisfactory by reason of law, regulation or policy of the Mexican authorities, a refund will not be provided.

For reasons of delivering excellence in customer service, MexicanIncorporation.com reserves the right to provide a refund to customers even if not otherwise provided for in this agreement. However, such variations in favor of the customer shall not be construed as waiver of any rights MexicanIncorporation.com retains under this Refund Policy Agreement, nor shall they be construed as custom or trade practice as between the parties.

This Return Policy Agreement is void in cases of customers engaging in criminal or fraudulent activity as determined under the applicable laws of Mexico, the United States, International Law, or the laws applicable in the jurisdiction of the customer’s residence, domicile, or citizenship, including those relating to taxation, terrorism or anti-drug enforcement.

Remember, we are glad to have your business and help you to the best of our ability to start a successful company in Mexico!