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Human Resources Services in Mexico

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Payroll Administration in Mexico

Overview of Service

MexInc provides a variety of payroll administration and human resources services. Our accountants prepare and calculate all tax related payroll deductions and contributions for all employees, perform on-boarding and off-boarding of local staff, administer employee benefits, vacation time, sick days, bonuses and general labor compliance. Our staff can even coordinate payroll deposits and local employment taxes.

MexInc will work with the client to develop a payroll solution that achieves the desired balance between outsourcing payroll process management in Mexico and the client’s retention of control over their employees.

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Compliance Related Services:
Calculation of IMSS Social Security contributions
Calculation of INFONAVIT contributions
Calculation of employee salaries for disbursement
Coordination of payment of employee of income tax retentions
Coordination of payment of IMSS social security monthly and bi-monthly payments

Administrative Related Services:
Coordination of employee salary deposits
Health insurance administration
Retirement and savings administration
Employee contracting and on-boarding/off-boarding


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PEO/Employer of Record in Mexico

Overview of Service

MexInc may act as the local employer of record on your company’s behalf to facilitate the retention of local employees. In such case, it is not necessary to incorporate a local legal entity. MexInc handles all aspects of employee and human resources administration at no additional cost. Let us take care of the hard stuff.

• Reduce setup cost. Using a PEO service can reduce the initial investment and set up cost associated with setting up your own operation from scratch and obtaining local registrations.
• Immediately retain employees. Beginning operations in any new country takes time. In Mexico, this can take as long as a month and a half. Using our MexInc PEO services allows you to retain employees immediately.
• No need to incorporate a legal entity. There are costs associated with incorporating a company and on-going maintenance that can make a PEO a better option than incorporating. This depends on individual circumstances and objectives
• Sub-contract administrative activities: Let MexInc handle payroll, administration, and routine matters saving you time.
• Payment of employee taxes, social security and payroll deductions. We process all tax payments and make all deductions automatically.
• Provide local employees with health care and benefits. MexInc makes it easy to provide employees with healthcare, savings, and retirement benefits easily – from day one.

Services Included:
• Employer of record service
• Employee labor agreement drafting
• On-boarding
• Direct deposit of employee salaries
• Payment of employee taxes, social security and payroll deductions

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Immigration and Work Visas

Overview of Service

MexInc has a team of professional who can attend to all immigration needs for both corporate clients and individuals. Immigration law in Mexico can be a complex mash up of practical considerations concerning, the conditions of employment, the applicant’s income, and experience.

Our number one concern is identifying the most practical means to achieving our client’s immigration objectives. MexInc prepares all preliminary paperwork, submits any visa pre-entry authorizations, submits filings to the consulate of applicant’s election, and process all in-country immigration paperwork with local immigration office in order for applicant to receive final residence card.

Services Provided:

• Processing of newly issued residence visas
• Processing of newly issued work visas
• Change of employers
• Visa and residency renewals
• Company visa sponsorship registration
• Normalization of immigration status

Types Visas Issued:

• Permanent Residence Visa: Provides the Client with the ability work and reside in Mexico indefinitely. If the Client or employee can demonstrate income of at least 2,400.00 USD per month or accumulated savings of 87,000.00 USD, he or she may apply for this visa.
• Temporary Residence Visa and Work Visa: Provides the Client with the ability work and reside in Mexico with a duration of validity of 1 year, renewable up to 4 years. If the Client or employee can demonstrate income of at least 1,300.00 USD per month. Visa is also available if new company registered and extends a valid job offer to employee, he or she may apply for this visa.
• Temporary Visa Based on Investment: Requires minimum investment of approximately $70,000.00 USD. The company sponsoring the visa also must employ at least 3 Mexicans. Furthermore, the company must provide detailed investment and business plans – or otherwise, evidence of on-going business in Mexico.


• Submission of preliminary visa authorization**
• Employee meets with México Consulate in corresponding city in home country
• Employee arrives in Mexico
• Employee may begin work immediately
• Employee must appear before the immigration office corresponding to location of work to receive official residence card within 10 business days.


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Employee Recruitment in Mexico

Overview of Service

MexInc can locate and fulfill our client’s talent recruitment needs. Our human resources specialists which include licensed psychologist, work with our clients to develop a candidate profile and qualifications skill-set that is customized to their needs but adapted to take into account particularities in the Mexican market. These included differences in education levels, professional skill sets, technical skills, and other factors according to the common practices in the Mexican labor market.

In consultation with the client, we assign an appropriate salary window considering the job offer location, industry, and required skill sets.

Once a pool of potential candidates is identified, our team proceeds to first level screening. Thereafter, the candidate is presented to the client for preliminary interviews and secondary screening, filtering, and evaluation. MexInc will also attend to all on boarding and contracting needs, capacitation, and background checks.

Recruitment Services:
• Candidate profile development in consultation with client
• Publication of vacancy
• Employee screening and psychological evaluations (if requested)
• Employee competence evaluation (if requested)
• Background checks
• On-boarding and contract execution
• Capacitation

Pricing Starting At

Beginning at one month of employee salary
Additional screening services available at an additional cost