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Effortlessly Sell on Amazon Mexico with MexInc’s Solutions

What’s the best strategy for my company to sell on Amazon Mexico?

MexInc is an authorized affiliate of the Amazon Service Provider Network and provides services to hundreds of Amazon sellers stress free, without hassles and offers streamlined turnkey solutions. Selling on Amazon Mexico via FBA presents very distinct challenges when compared to selling on other Amazon FBA markets places around the world. Do not make any assumptions. Here, we provide an overview of the steps, process, and major considerations and general information below.

Here’s a few points to think about before reading further:


Selling on Amazon Mexico via FBA (“Fulfillment by Amazon”) requires a Mexican tax identification number called an RFC.


Foreign companies and sellers must without exception register a branch or incorporate a legal entity in Mexico in order to sell on Amazon FBA Mexico, unless using a third-party intermediary.


Further requirements include a Mexican local tax address (domicilio fiscal) and local legal representative and registered agent.

Two Methods to Sell on Amazon Mexico:


Incorporate a Legal Entity with an RFC (Tax Identification Number) or
Utilize a Commercial Intermediary Service


Incorporate a Company: Legal Entity Formation with RFC Number

MexInc offers the quickest and most efficient way to form a legal entity in Mexico – we guarantee that. Incorporating a legal entity, such as an LLC or a branch, is an excellent option to get started selling. Non-resident foreign persons or legal entities cannot obtain an RFC number and thus cannot operate on Amazon Mexico FBA.

The legal entity formation process takes about 6 weeks to complete with the following steps:

    1. Collection of certified and apostilled corporate documents
    2. Corporate name reservation and document translation
    3. Notarization and legal formalities
    4. RFC and electronic signature registration
    5. Bank account processing
    6. Importers registration


Commercial Intermediary Service

A commercial intermediary involves the seller using a local agent’s legal entity in Mexico for purposes of selling on Amazon Mexico. MexInc acts as the commercial intermediary. The seller uses our firm’s RFC number, local registered address and legal representative for its marketplaces. We handle all necessary tax and compliance filings, importation, and tax payments. 

Client can sit back, work on marketing and grow their business, while we take care of the heavy lifting:

    • Use our firm’s legal entity and Mexican RFC number, registered address and local legal representatives to sell on Amazon Mexico
    • Sell and deliver your products to Amazon Mexico FBA
    • Fulfill your local VAT and Income tax obligations 
    • Our firm coordinates your product logistics, shipping and customs clearance
    • Handle local electronic invoicing requirement
    • Automated electronic invoicing solutions

Are Foreign Amazon Sellers Required to File and Pay Taxes in Mexico?

Selling products on Amazon Mexico FBA requires the seller to submit the following compliance regardless of whether the seller utlizes the Commercial Intermediary Service or chooses to incorporate their own legal entity with RFC. MexInc’s accounts take care of all tax filings and complaince requirements on your behalf:

Compliance Requirements:

File and pay monthly VAT of 16%
File and pay monthly Income Taxes of 30%
Issuance of local electronic invoices (facturas)

VAT in Mexico in Mexico, known is IVA, is included within the price of all products sold on a sellers marketplace. Sellers are also responsible for paying taxes at the point of importation upon the declared customs value imported products for sale.

    Logistics and Shipping?

    MexInc coordinates all shipping, importation, tariff classification, and delivery to FBA on the client’s behalf if contracting the commercial intermediary service. Our team of experts will handle all the necessary documentation and paperwork. With our help, you can focus on growing your business and leaving the logistics to us.

    Product Labeling, Compliance and Regulation?

    MexInc has an extensive product regulation practice. We make  sure your products labeling, packaging and other materials are properly translated into Spanish and comply with all local regulatory requirements. Should a given product require a special  license or other authorization, we can take care of that too. 

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