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Mexican Incorporation is dedicated to helping our clients through the sometimes overwhelming task of starting a business entity in Mexico. Language barriers, confusing legal red tape, and sometimes complicated government restrictions can make the process confusing to say the least. Mistakes can be very costly. We will take you through the entire incorporating process from beginning to end ensuring that you get the correct business entity in the shortest period of time. Below are just a few of the services we offer:

Local Representative and Registered Agent Service

MexicanIncorporation can act on your company’s behalf in Mexico as its legal representative. If your operation requires someone to represent your interests in Mexico, monitor various aspects of your project, or act as a an intermediary, MexicanIncorporation can provide this service as well as provide on-line monitoring for all aspects. We can receive service of process, safeguard your operation’s local affairs, monitor compliance issues and act on your company’s behalf in almost any capacity.

  • Legally required tax domicile
  • Local office
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring
  • Service of process
  • Project oversight
  • Attorney of fact
  • Property and asset management
  • Bank accounts
  • Any other issue requested by the client

The Mexican government imposes many residence and complex restrictions upon foreign companies doing business in Mexico. MexicanIncorporation can assist your company in just about any capacity.

Agreement and Contract Drafting, and Negotiation

MexicanIncorporation prepares all agreements in Spanish and English – or whatever language you decide. Despite the fact that many business people in Mexico prefer oral agreements as opposed to written contracts, putting the “deal on paper” is essential to mitigating litigation risk. MexicanIncorporation can prepare contracts refined to account for the specific circumstances of your project and dramatically reduce risks, clearly establish the expectations of the parties and furthermore take into account the unique difficulties companies often encounter when doing business in Mexico.

  • Bilingual agreements available in Spanish, English and other languages
  • Distribution agreements
  • Labor and employment contracts
  • Service agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Product licensing
  • Settlement agreements
  • Investment agreements
  • Government procurement agreements
  • Infrastructure
  • and more…

Legal Due Diligence Reviews and Industry Requirements

Successfully starting a business in Mexico, operating in Mexico or importing a new product may involve a variety different of legal requirements. MexicanIncorporation can prepare a detailed report of all the requirements necessary for your company to do business in Mexico, legally and in compliance with the law.

Your report may include all or some of the following information:

  • Applicable importation tariff designation and duties
  • Domestic product design and labelling requirements
  • Product marketing restrictions
  • Required government licenses and authorisations along with their associated costs
  • Logistics concerns
  • Civil liability risk assessment
  • Detailed flowchart, cost and timeframe analysis

Legal and Consulting Services

MexicanIncorporation can advise as to just about any legal issue whether in the United States, Mexico or beyond. Our partners are seasoned in their fields in some of the most advanced, complex and novel matters in the international legal field in issues as diverse as estate planning, international trade and corporate litigation on behalf of governments and individuals. Let us assist you, independently of the size of your operation, to address your international legal issue.

  • International judgment collection
  • Corporate affairs and governance
  • Oil and gas
  • Trusts and estates
  • International commercial arbitration
  • Antitrust and competition
  • Infrastructure
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Food and drug
  • Patent and trademark
  • Finance
  • and more…

Trademark and Patent Registration

Patents, trademarks and other intellectual property protections are an essential part to maintaining your business’s competitive advantage in Mexico. In a market such as Mexico, imitation products and unauthorised use of corporate images constitute a real issue. However, trademark and patent protection may be obtained in Mexico at a fraction of the price compared to other countries.


MexicanIncorporation can register your company’s logo and brand with the Mexican Intellectual Property Institute. A good intellectual property plan is necessary to protect your investment. Our intellectual property partner served as a director within Mexican government. As in other jurisdictions, trademark registration in Mexico will protect your company’s logo and name for the industry within which your company operates throughout the entire country.


To qualify for patent protection in Mexico, your product or process must be of a novel or unique character with potential economic value. Otherwise,  a patent can be applied for relating to an innovation upon an existing product or process that has substantially different, improved or unique results. MexicanIncorporation can register your product with the Mexican Intellectual Property Institute and can even work with you to enforce your patent where you feel it is has been infringed upon by a competitor.


MexicanIncorporation can register your company’s logo and brand with the World Intellectual Property Organisation to protect your company’s competitive advantage world wide, wherever you plan to do business.


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