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MexInc Project Management in Mexico

MexInc Project Management Solutions

“Your objective. Our expertise. We get you there”

Contract our firm to both plan and execute your project in Mexico

Let MexInc do the hard work for you. MexInc Project Management Solutions is a service offered by our firm, in which MexInc outlines, plans, investigates, and executes all aspects of the startup stage of a client’s project on their behalf.


1. Our team of consultants will establish deliverables and objectives with the client
2. MexInc will then perform an initial investigation to understand all requirements and procedures, and reach out to third parties where necessary.
3. MexInc presents a final action plan and budget for client’s approval
4. MexInc executes all action items and coordinates all activities internally and with sub-contractors and service providers where necessary until the project is finalized.
5. MexInc recruits and hires local employees for the client
6. MexInc coordinates all logistics and customs activities

Call Centers and Outsourcing in Mexico

MexInc has worked with dozens of companies to establish call centers and outsource in Mexico. MexInc commonly handles the following activities on our client’s behalf:

Step One: Registration of legal entity. Coordinate the incorporation of local limited liability company or corporation, bank account, tax id, and payroll registrations.

Step Two: Locating suitable office space and installations

Step Three: Coordination and signature of contracts and rental agreements

Step Four: Recruitment of employees

Step Five: Drafting of labor agreements and human resources documentation

Step Six: On-boarding of local staff

Step Seven: Continuing administrative and human resources support activities

Step Eight: Tax and payroll compliance

On the client’s behalf, MexInc will perform a property search to find office space that suits the client’s needs and also handle everything related to contract negotiation and execution. Our experienced HR team will develop candidate recruitment profiles to suit project objectives, advising on appropriate wage levels, education, background, and professional experience. After publicizing the vacancy, the candidates are subjected to a rigorous filtration process, including preliminary interviews and personalized psychometric testing, and competence and professional evaluations. Once the client selects the candidates, our firm onboards and executes all labor agreements and handles remaining administrative matters.

MexInc can engage in management support activities such as payroll processing, tax payments, direct deposit of salaries, and related support actions.

MexInc can assist with the processes of logistics coordination and import compliance – planning and coordinating all aspects of bringing products into Mexico and establishing distribution infrastructure. Our firm regularly handles the following activities on behalf of clients.

Step One: Registration of legal entity. Coordinate the incorporation of local limited liability company or corporation, bank account, tax id, and payroll registrations.

Step Two: Product tariff and import classification

Step Three: Processing of import registrations including importers permit (padron de importadoores) and specific sectors permits

Step Four: Evaluation of import regulatory compliance requirements

Step Five: Coordination of product modification and labeling requirements including design and approval labels and products standards in compliance with Mexican NOM product regulations

Step Six: Obtention of product laboratory certification and analysis, if applicable, including execution of contracts with accredited third-party service providers such as laboratories, importation of product samples, and issuance of compliance certificates

Step Seven: Processing of government authorizations and licensing with the relevant authorities the Health Secretary, Mexican Environmental Protection Commission or similar government agencies

Step Eight: Location and rental of warehousing and storage facilities to suit the capacity and services needs of the client

Step Nine: Logistics coordination including air, land, and maritime transport from country of origin including freight forwarding and execution of transportation contracts

Step Ten: Coordination of customs brokerage services including execution of import powers of attorney and provision of customs documentation

On client’s behalf, MexInc will implement a complete distribution and logistics solution, with minimal intervention. MexInc will begin by coordinating with logistics partners to classify products to be imported according to their respective tariff codes. Should the products have any import restrictions, modification or other compliance requirements, MexInc will obtain whatever authorizations are required or will locate and coordinate with laboratories, third-party subcontractors, or government authorities to ensure products can be legally imported and distributed in-country. Where necessary, MexInc will locate, contract, and coordinate with local specialized professional services.

Additionally, MexInc will coordinate all logistics related activities including locating adequate warehousing and storage options. Our team will also coordinate transportation from port of origin, importation, and transportation to destination by land, air, or sea.

Selling on Amazon Mexico and E-Commerce

MexInc will manage all steps related to selling on Amazon, Mercado Libre, and other e-commerce platforms to which have specific local presence and local registration requirements. Our firm regularly handles the following:

Step One: Registration of RFC to sell on Amazon Mexico or Mercado Libre, including registration of LLC or local branch office with local bank account.

Step Two: Importer of record registration and coordination of customs brokerage services including execution of import powers of attorney and provision of customs documentation

Step Three: Provision of local representante legal or local legal representative with required CURP ID needed for setting up Amazon Mexico or Mercado Libre accounts

Step Four: Provision of company address needed for setting up Amazon Mexico or Mercado Libre accounts

Step Five: Securing local warehousing in addition to order preparation and fulfillment services

Step Six: Delivery to Amazon FBA and Mercado Libre fulfillment centers

Step Seven: Coordination of logistics and transportation from country of origin including shipping, freight forwarding and logistics, and processing of returned items

Step Eight: Monthly and annual VAT and income tax filings

Step Nine: Issuance of facturaras and CFDI invoices

Step Ten: Local product regulatory compliance and government registrations, including local labeling design according to Mexican NOM product regulations

MexInc can manage this entire process for you to bring your product to market. Selling in Mexico on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or Mercado libre often presents a variety issues that most Amazon clients do not adequately plan or anticipate for. This is especially common among small sellers. The Mexican government with automatically discount income tax and sales tax at point of sale, if the Amazon Mexico or Mercado libre account is not registered with an RFC tax ID for Mexico. This requires the formation of a local LLC, legal entity, or branch office.

MexInc Integrated HR Management

Payroll Management with Cloud-Based Support

MexInc offers integrated payroll solutions permitting clients to sub-contract all payroll and human resources management activities to our firm. Companies seeking to take a hands-off approach to outsourcing in Mexico or hiring local staff can utilize this service to avoid the need to have to develop and oversee complex payroll activities, permitting them to focus on growth, business strategy, and operations.

Seamless On-Boarding and Hiring Process

Our staff will draft local employment agreement templates, offer letters, legally required work-place regulations, confidentiality agreements, and other documentation to be used for the project. Each project is customized for each client to minimize exposure to operational and payroll risk. MexInc will coordinate signatures of all documentation with each employee and integrate them seamlessly into their respective position and roles.

Human Resources Administration and Management

MexInc acts as the client’s internal HR department for all employees in Mexico permitting companies to focus on their operations. Responsibilities relating to drafting disciplinary paperwork, timekeeping, pre-payroll, payments of salaries, preparation of paystubs, and almost every aspect of on-going operations can be subcontracted to MexInc with as many (or few) responsibilities as requested by the client.

Cloud-Based Payroll Services

MexInc provides access to an advanced cloud-based technology interface the ensures transparency and efficiency in all payroll and human resources related matters. Clients have the option of creating a dedicated payroll disbursement account integrated into their personalized dashboard that makes payment of direct deposits simple and quick. All payroll records, tax reports, and other information are organized and downloadable from the cloud in real time and at the touch of a button. Employee benefits reports, paystubs, and personal records are accessible by each employee with their own unique login account. Each account may be customized to limit or extend access to relevant information.

Clients can use the platform to submit everything required for pre-payroll activities to get ready for pay day, including absences, deductions, vacation time, sick-days or other data smoothly.

Benefits and Compensation Planning

Our team can design customized supplementary benefits and compensation plans for each client. While there are many obligatory benefits in Mexico that are operated by the government, many clients and customers – and their employees- demand superior benefits. This permits companies to stay ahead of the market to attract and retain top talent.

MexInc will assist your company to establish an appropriate wage for each position with your company by comparing relevant peer groups and analyzing the characteristics of the position to be filled. Thereafter, our team will present a variety of options for private retirement, healthcare, and benefits plans. This includes access to private hospitals, retirement contribution matching, dental plans, saving funds, and more. Once an adequate plan is identified, MexInc handles the paperwork to initiate and administer the services provided.