Dissolution – Disolving a compnay in Mexico

It is very import to properly dissolve your Mexican corporation should the unfortunate need arise. Do not just forget about and walk away from your Mexican business!

disolving a mexican corporation

Reason 1

Mexico requires monthly filings for corporations and so long as the corporation remains in existence, the corporation and its shareholders to extent of their investment remain vulnerable to taxes, fees, and penalties. Furthermore, for liability purposes it is a wise, indeed necessary, requirement to properly dissolve your corporation if it becomes necessary.

Reason 2

When dissolving a corporation, it is important that officers and directors who may exercise powers of attorney to at on behalf of the corporate cease to have such authority. On the other hand, it is equally important the businesses customers, banks and other third-parties with whom the company interacted are aware of that such changes have occurred. This is the only way to prevent fraud, abuse of authority and other unfortunate situations that may arise.

MexicanIncorporation.com can handle fundamental changes to your corporation without the need for you to travel to Mexico. We handle issues such as assisting you to close bank-accounts, apply for certificates of dissolution and notify any other persons or entities of the invalidity of previously issued powers of attorney. Diligence here is the key!


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