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Our Experience

Seasoned Expertise

We have provided services to a wide variety of clients operating in a variety of different and difficult industries. Our specialised and practical knowledge for dealing with foreign clients is unmatched. Below are just a few of our client successes stories.

Past Experience

• Incorporated and advised on tax strategy for a major electrical infrastructure engineering firm servicing a multi-million dollar construction project on behalf of Hyundai in Monterrey. Project involved a time sensitive deadline for commencing construction work.

• Incorporated subsidiary for supplier of Amazon.com that needed local entity to meet obligations for Amazon’s expansion into Mexico in 2015. Established banking structure and tax compliance services.

• Incorporated a multi-million dollar data management firm that services the Mexican financial industry. Company has limited operations in Mexico and needed a subsidiary to service client and for purposes of regulator compliance in Mexico.

• Incorporated and advised foreign natural resource exploration firm regarding the acquisition of mining concessions and joint-venture projects. Successfully drafted several joint-venture agreements, established corporation, bank accounts and advised on general legal matters for this multi-million dollar operation.

• Incorporated and advised natural products distribution operation regarding expansion and importation of medical products into Mexico, including soaps, oils and other regulated produces. Advised as to banking structure to service local sales team post incorporation.

• Advised California insurance firm in establishing an outsourced call center in compliance with California insurance law and Mexican corporate law. Performed in-depth feasibility study, risk-analysis and compliance plan.

• Advised and prepared distribution agreement for foreign distributor of sildenafil. Drafted and executed international distribution agreement with 10 year exclusive license.

• Established subsidiary entity and bank structure for global administrator of clinical studies for new pharmaceutical products. Company has limited operations in Mexico and required entity for purposes of regulatory compliance with major operations based in the United States.

• …. these are just to name a few cases.

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